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WIC for Health Information & Training

When many of us think of WIC, we think of food assistance programs. Their official name is Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. It was born out of bill introduced by Minnesota's own Senator Hubert Humphrey in 1972. Did you know that WIC serves 45% of all infants born in the US? And that a national study done by Mathematica in 1994 showed benefit-to-cost ratios ranging from $1.77 to $3.13 saved for each $1 spent on WIC? (Amazing what you can learn on Wikipedia!)

We also learned a lot going to the WIC Works Resource System. Turns out there are serving a lot of good information with that food assistance. WIC has an online listing of books, brochures, kits, videos, posters, etc. that can be used in staff training and/or participant education. The materials listed are from both government and non-government sources. We ran across them because they link to a few of our Health and Nutrition lesson plans and guidebooks. Once we got there we saw what a wealth of material they had cataloged. You can't necessarily access the materials online - but you can get to a nice database of what's out there.

Some of their top subjects include pregnancy, breastfeed, infant nutrition and health and child nutrition and health. It's worth checking out!

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