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Think Healthy Thursday: Wilson Elementary in Owatonna Receives School Health Connection Award

We, at Learning ZoneXpress, are proud to announce that one of our local elementary schools has recently won a $10,000 School Health Connection award to promote healthy activities.  Wilson Elementary in Owatonna, MN is one of just 10 schools to receive this significant award.  The award will allow Wilson Elementary School to have direct access to caregivers from our local Allina Health Clinic.  They will also receive online learning tools, teacher training and a health fair for the entire school.  In addition, the funds will allow the school to purchase needed equipment and supplies to encourage building healthy lifestyles.

Wilson Elementary is serving as a community leader in encouraging the development of life-long healthy habits.  The school has an on-site garden that allows students to participate in planting, caring for, harvesting and tasting fresh vegetables.  Third graders at the school also have the opportunity to come early each morning to school for an exercise program led by one of the P.E. teachers.  Currently, about 25-30 students come regularly.  Teachers at Wilson are also proactive about including physical activity in the classroom by including short movement activities as transitions or as part of the learning experience (example: jumping jacks while counting by 5s).

5 Minute Physical Activities Book from Learning ZoneXpressYou or your school may not be the recipient of a $10,000 grant, but you can take steps right now to encourage children (and yourself) to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime.  Including frequent opportunities for movement in the classroom or office is one way to do this.  Children and adults spend much of their day sitting.  Learning ZoneXpress has a great tool to help you get students’ brains and bodies engaged through brief activities.  Our 5 Minute Physical Activities book is written by P.E. teachers and offers a wide variety of fun activities that will recharge you and your students.

Little by little, one healthy choice at a time, we can help our young people learn to make health a priority.  In the process, we as teachers, parents and community members can work on improving our own health as well.

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