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Welcome the New Year with a great new recipe!

Getting tired of your same old-same old dinner venue or classroom recipes? An excellent resource is This website will help you locate recipes based on a meal category, certain ingredients or season of the year. The recipes are rated by many people, so you can be sure those with high ratings will be absolutely delicious! It is also worthwhile to read the comments below each recipe. Sometimes, readers have great suggestions.  For example, I make the Swedish meatballs from one recipe and make the gravy from another based on someone's recommendation. Together, it is an amazing recipe.

As a classroom teacher, the recipes work wonderful as you can adjust the serving quantity for your lab groups. You can also print in the format of your choice. I would suggest you set up your own recipe box on this site as you will be coming to it time and again.

This website also makes for a fun classroom activity that helps  use up extra ingredients. It is also a realistic resource management practice.  Have students look at the ingredients you have available, research the website for a recipe, adjust the quantity for the group and then make the recipe as a lab. You can set the parameters on the lab. For example, is it a breakfast, can they only use your ingredients, or can they order additional ingredients with a limited budget? Have fun with it. The options are endless.

What recipe websites have you found that you would recommend?

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