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Foodservice Breakfast Cafeteria Starter Kit

Foodservice Breakfast Cafeteria Starter Kit
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The Foodservice Breakfast Cafeteria Starter Kit includes a selection of bestselling nutrition education resources for the school cafeteria that help promote school breakfast and the importance of good nutrition to students.
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Elevate and enhance your school's cafeteria with the Foodservice Breakfast Cafeteria Starter Kit. This complete kit includes a selection of bestselling nutrition education resources for the school cafeteria that help promote school breakfast and the importance of good nutrition to students while helping support your local school wellness policy, market your program, and decorate the cafeteria space.

The dry erase menu board and coordinating vinyl banner are compliant signage that meets the requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) and are helpful tools to improve the flow of students through serving lines by informing students of the menu choices as they stand in line. The posters help promote making healthy food choices and promoting the importance of eating breakfast. Also includes a variety of giveaways for students to help promote your program and a 5 Minute Activities for Breakfast to inspire and lead short lessons that promote eating breakfast.

The kit includes:  
1Breakfast Dry Erase Menu Board
1Breakfast Vinyl Banner with Stand
BOOKMARKS (100/pk)
1 Pack – Breakfast Bookmarks
         STICKERS (200/roll)
1 Roll – Celebrate School Breakfast Stickers
1School Breakfast Benefits Poster
1Build a Balanced Breakfast Poster
1Wake Up to Breakfast Poster
1Breakfast is Brain Power Poster Set
15 Minute Breakfast Activities

Example and ideas of how to use the products included in this kit.
Cafeteria Breakfast Example


Dry Erase Menu Board and Vinyl Banner
Dry erase menu boards are a helpful tool for the cafeteria since they help improve the flow of students through your lines by letting students know the choices as they stand in line. Use the dry erase menu board to write in the daily menu choices for breakfast every day.

The vinyl banner and dry erase menu board can be displayed together. For a simply and portable display option for the dry erase menu board, hook the board by the grommets to the banner display stand. The dry erase menu board can also be displayed by hanging on a wall.

Consider these helpful hints to make the most of your board, while making sure what you're sharing is clear and easy to understand:

• Use a level to hang straight.
• Don't display or hang too low so students can bump or erase!
• Careful not to misspell words.

Hanging and displaying posters can help support your school's wellness policy and promote making nutritious choices. The posters in the kit are laminated for durability.

Consider these helpful hints for hanging your posters:

• Look for visible areas and consider how students will move through the space (direction people will be facing, walking or moving).
• Hang your posters to provide a distraction for students waiting in line.
• How high? The rule of thumb is to hang just above eye level. Don't hang them too high, which can look out of place.
• Look for balance equally space items or center over a focal point.
• Do not overdo your decorations - a cluttered look can be worse than a bare one.

What should you use to hang your posters? Learning ZoneXpress recommends using 3M brand Command products, which are double-sided strips that hold firm to concrete or sheetrock and are easily removed without damage to the wall or paint.

Stickers and Bookmarks
The incentives in the kit include a roll of Celebrate School Breakfast stickers and Breakfast bookmarks, which are perfect for promoting your breakfast program.

5 Minute Breakfast Activities
The 5 Minute Breakfast Activities can be used for educational sessions with students that get students of all ages thinking about the most important meal of the day: breakfast. The book is filled with creative activity ideas and recipes that will encourage students to start the day off with a healthy meal. Activities are divided into age-appropriate levels.

“We received grant money from ODE to promote our breakfast program in three of our buildings and I thought your items would work perfectly! The signage will be a great addition to their kitchen as will the giveaways and the Garden Heroes. We now have the fruit and veggies and they are a great tool to use when sharing new foods with the students! “

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Michelle Gifford
Director, Nutrition Services
Riverside Local Schools, OH


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