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Build your tray the healthy way!

Encourage students to make good choices in the cafeteria and at home with the 1 Terrific Tray product line.

1 Terrific Tray™ Dry Erase Menu Board
18" x 24"

Product # 991149
Price: $89.95

1 Terrific Tray™ Bookmarks
Product # 911149
Price $6.95

1 Terrific Tray™ Bulletin Board Kit
Product # 921149
Price: $24.95

Vegetable Subgroup Static Clings
Product # 908160
Price: $7.95


Build Your Tray Poster
Product # 410152
Price: $9.95

Product # 990106
Price: $89.95

Meal or No Meal School Lunch Training Game for National School Lunch Program Requirements

Meal or No Meal School Lunch Training Game
Product # 720149
Price: $49.95


Vegetable Subgroup Poster Set
Product # 910160
Price: $39.95


MyPlate 32" x 45" Dry Erase Menu Board
Product # 990107
Price: $239.95

1 Terrific Tray™ Dry Erase Menu Board
32" x 45"

Product # 991150
Price: $235.95

1 Terrific Tray™ Poster
Product # 412149
Price $14.95

Product # 472149
Price: $9.95 

A school meal makes up 30 percent of a child’s daily nutritional intake, yet when it comes to nutritious food, the choices kids make often fall short. But what does a healthy school lunch look like, and how can students meet new National School Lunch Program requirements when filling compartments of a lunch tray?

With new changes to the National School Lunch Program as part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, Learning ZoneXpress has developed 1 Terrific Tray™ as a solution to reflect change as well as a means to improve school lunches. 1 Terrific Tray™ is a spin-off of 1 Great Plate® offering visuals of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy in correct portion sizes all placed on the tray kids see every day at lunchtime.

This new product line both educates and encourages school staff, parents, and students to make healthy choices for school lunch. 1 Terrific Tray for the best school day!

The 1 Terrific Tray products build upon the MyPlate icon to create colorful school lunchroom tray that demonstrate the MyPlate message: Make half your tray fruits and vegetables, choose whole grains, and select protein and dairy carefully. Products include posters, handouts, dry erase boards, bulletin board, menu boards and more. The 1 Terrific Tray nutrition education resources have been popular nutrition education items for school lunchrooms, hospital cafeterias and other places where diners are open to nutritional messages.