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Teacher Lesson Plans and Life Skills Curriculum's are the Key to Student Success.

Teacher lesson plans and life skills curriculum's let teachers be effective and efficient, allowing for a more enjoyable classroom for students and teachers. These essential teaching tools provide you with a lesson framework designed by teachers, for teachers. Let’s take a look at a few of these award-winning curriculum's. Lesson plans are the backbone a teacher needs to teach any subject.  Learning ZoneXpress has a large selection of life skills lesson plans to choose from.

Here’s just a sample of our popular lesson plans…

One Minute Nutrition Messages- One Minute Nutrition Messages are quick and powerful nutrition lessons that help promote behavioral changes to make simple dietary changes. Twenty-five mini-lessons use simple visuals to illustrate important health message to reduce fat and calories, increase servings of fruits and vegetables, control portion size, and more. Great for health fairs, peer teaching, and student presentations! Includes cardstock 8 ½” x11” color photograph sets of a variety of different breakfast and snack options.

Item # 202800
Price: $39.95 

 50 App Activities for Lifeskills- Utilize the latest mobile technology with iPods, iPads, and other tablet computers in the FACS classroom with 50 App Activities for Life Skills. A combination of fifty lesson plans, teacher resources and games based on free downloadable apps are compiled into this essential resource covering a variety of life skills topics, including:
    • Food and nutrition
    • Child development and pregnancy
    • Housing and interior design
    • Financial literacy
    • Fashion and clothing care

    Appropriate for grades 6+
    Product: # 100126
    Price: $34.95

    50 App Activities for Financial Literacy and Independent Living- Cultivate an interest in money management and the skills needed for living on your own using app-driven lesson plans, teaching resources, and educational games. 50 App Activities for Financial Literacy and Independent Living is a collection of fifty fun and innovative lesson ideas based on a variety of free and paid apps for iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android phones and tablet computers.

    Includes lesson ideas utilizing apps to:
    • Experiment with calculators that help budget for future expenses like college, cars, or a new home
    • Compare the benefits and costs of owning vs. renting a home
    • Use barcode-scanning apps to learn comparison shopping to improve purchasing decisions

    For grade 6 - 12

    Item # 100026
    Price: $34.95 

    The Fashion and Design Curriculum- Survey the world of fashion design! Students explore their talents within the fashion industry for higher education options and career choices. The Fashion and Design Curriculum follows industry specifications through research and hands-on activities, including:
     • Fashion illustration
     • Flat pattern making
     • Draping
     • Fashion design
     • Fashion merchandising
     • Advanced sewing techniques
     • Event planning
     • Apparel marketing and advertising

    Item # 110001
    Price: $99.95 


    Above is a small sampling of our teacher plans. Use the Search Bar at the top of the page to find a lesson plan for a particular subject or simply type lesson plans to review all of our innovative lesson plans.

    And how about your education…

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